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EDI and translation solutions

  We provide the best EDI solutions for your business and all your file translation needs, by automating the data portion of your business it will enable you to maximize revenue and minimize expenses, we complete the system design and programming to meet your specific needs.  By integrating the data between your system and your client/customers, the automated two way connection between both systems will eliminate errors while increasing the speed of your operation.

   For example; by exporting the data from your software system, we can build an interface to send and receive the files and convert them to the required format whether it be a report, invoice documents, labels, or even multiple files from different systems, we translate them directly to EDI and transmit to your client/customers trading partner. This is a two way communication of data and any documents required would be transferred to your system.

 Using the comprehensive outsourced solution we provide, our EDI service is able to secure data conversion in and out of the EDI system; map data, comply with your business rules, efficient workflow unique to each customer and trading partner; connect the software/network for transporting data between suppliers and partners; integrate ERP and/or accounting software for importing and exporting with each computer system.

 EDI translation between QuickBooks, Sage, Oracle, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP along with custom format conversion from any to any.

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