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File/Data Translation Solutions for business

 We offer file/data translation services that can significantly reduce your costly investment for personel that enter information into your company databases such as data mananagement system, accounting software, etc. Many of our customers use this service to translate between different data formats and eliminate the expense of translation software, annual maintenance fees and the personnel required to maintain the software. We provide translation from version to version, from X12 to UN/EDIFACT, from proprietary flat file to X12, from X12 to XML or whatever format the sender and/or receiver specifies. We usually complete the setup of the translator within one week from the receipt of an inbound data file and the implementation guide for the outbound file.

 GEDIMS provides a large range of data translation programming and services that offer your business any-to-any mapping between data formats including EDI, XML, database tables and text.

 For instance we develop a translation specifically for each customer and their required transaction set. We do not rely on a commercial product as our software is created onsite with inhouse programmers. This allows us to be very flexible and meet any requirements at the trading partner level including specific edits, data screening, compliance checking, data substitution, etc. In addition, this approach ensures that a change for one trading partner does not impact another.

 We provide a hosted service that allows our customers to send data in any format including X12, EDIFACT, multiple XML specifications and proprietary formats where we translate the inbound file into the format required by the receiving party. For example, we receive a file in a data format (standard or proprietary) and translate the data into any desired data format (standard or proprietary). A purchaser of goods can send a flat file generated by their internal software system for a purchase order. We take the flat file and translate it into a purchase order format such as X12 850 version 3040, 4010, 4060, 5020 etc., or into another standard (EDIFACT, XML), fax, email, file for importation into a spreadsheet, or flat file, as desired by the receiver. This means that our customer only supports their internal application file and does not have to support multiple formats, or perform translations. Since we maintain these translation relationships, as trading partners change their formats, or versions, it is transparent to our customers. This means your company does not require the translation software and the majority of its associated costs. Initial purchase and/or renewal/maintenance costs of translation software can be eliminated. Allocating programming resources to create maps for various versions and standard formats is no longer necessary. Testing periods are greatly reduced. Instead of supporting multiple versions of EDI standards, your company supports only your internal system.

 Below is an image example of what we can provide with one data file producing multiple documents in their specific format.

EDI ServicesData translation services

 As shown above multiple documents are created and there is no limit to how many copies, types or individual documents such as labels, invoices, statements, etc.


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